This Grant Can Get You Thousands of Dollars Towards New Windows

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It’s no secret that replacing windows is an expensive investment. Luckily, there is a grant that can help you save thousands of dollars towards new windows. Start searching now to learn how the Weatherization Assistance Program can help you save big!

What Is the Weatherization Assistance Program?

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a government program that can save you money on new windows for your home.1 Designed to assist low-income families, this program provides free services to make your home more energy-efficient, including window upgrades. Start a search online to find out more about this program.

Who’s Eligible?

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a federal program but the process is done at the state level. This means eligibility can vary depending on where you live. That said, the program is designed for low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Start searching now to find out if you qualify.

What Can The Grant be Used For?

Not only can you use the free services to replace windows, but you can also use the services to upgrade other areas of your home to make it more energy efficient.2 This may include low-flow showerheads, weatherstripping on an exterior door, attic insulation, and so much more. Keep searching online to find out how you can benefit from this grant!

How to Apply

Applying for the Weatherization Assistance Program is easy. To begin the process, you can start by searching online for your local weatherization agency or contacting them directly.3 They will guide you through the application steps and provide you with the necessary forms and documentation required.

Start Saving Today

Start saving thousands of dollars today by taking advantage of the Weatherization Assistance Program. With its benefits, including affordable new windows and energy-efficient upgrades, you can reduce your utility bills and create a more comfortable home environment.

Don’t wait! Begin searching online now to learn how you can save thousands and make your home more energy-efficient today.

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