How to Find Clinical Trials In Your Area

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Discovering clinical trials in your vicinity can be a valuable step towards contributing to medical research. Plus, you can potentially benefit from new treatments. Start a search today to locate clinical trials that are relevant and accessible to you.

Understanding Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies performed to evaluate medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions. They are the primary way that researchers discover if a new treatment is safe and effective in people.1

To learn more about how clinical trials work, you can search online for reliable medical sources or patient advocacy groups. They provide detailed insights into the trial process and what to expect as a participant.

Searching for Trials Near You

Finding clinical trials in your area starts with knowing where to look. Websites like offer a comprehensive database of federally and privately supported clinical studies conducted around the world.2 You can filter your search by location to find trials close to home.

Keep in mind that many of these clinical trials would require traveling. For the best local options, local hospitals or universities often participate in clinical trials. Visiting their websites or contacting them directly can yield valuable information.

Evaluating the Right Trial for You

Once you find a potential trial, it’s important to understand its purpose and requirements. Information about the trial’s goals, participant eligibility, and potential risks and benefits can usually be found on the trial’s website or through direct contact with the study organizers.

It’s also beneficial to discuss with your healthcare provider to determine if a particular trial is a good fit for your health needs. It’s a good thing to be choosy about which clinical trials you participate in!

Find Clinical Trials Near You

Finding and participating in clinical trials can be a rewarding experience, offering access to new treatments and contributing to medical advancements. While it requires some research and understanding, the journey can be made easier by utilizing online resources and consulting healthcare professionals. Remember, your participation in clinical trials can make a significant difference in the world of medicine.

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